Baldur's Gate...3?

5 hours and counting *at time of posting*! The Baldur’s Gate website has a countdown timer on it. Any guesses to what is behind the door? 

P.s: Mad music! 

@jmlikot I disagree…

Keeping this spoiler free…

The final boss battle is quite interesting.
Link has just overcome a horde of monsters as well as a particularly hard enemy/boss battle, to me at least, I felt drained and tired out from the chain of events leading towards the end, as I imagine Link would of, the thought of having to face one more enemy, no matter its size or abilities seemed daunting at best.

Yes the battle itself may be slightly underwhelming but I believe it to be designed that it kind of pushes the player over the edge, so to speak.

I believe this to be the greatest culmination of events in a Zelda game ever.