Portal 2 timeline.


EDIT: Cause tumblr is being stupid and not displaying the ultra-HD version. Here you go

Any one out there down for some Diablo 3, League of Legends or BF3 tonight?

Everyone is out partying and i’m still stuck at home recovering. Hit me up yo!

(by tonight I mean over the next 4 hours or so :P) 

Edit: Awesome guys! Got quite a good group going on D3! :) Have a good night! 


‘Game-On’ of the day!

Gearbox announced Collector’s limited Editions of Borderlands 2 

“Gearbox has thrown out a bunch of new information about what you’ll get when you pre-order Borderlands 2, and it’s also rolling out two special editions of the game that will be available at launch: a Limited Edition and a Collector’s Edition. ”

via (gamefront)

Dat loot chest.

Hi guys, 

Wow, it has been a while since:
A) I last updated this tumblr, hoping to get a little more active!
B) Played/updated skyrim. The mods on workshop are pretty incredible now, I just picked up that ‘enter houses through locked windows’ mod.

What’s everyone else playing?

Baldur's Gate...3?

5 hours and counting *at time of posting*! The Baldur’s Gate website has a countdown timer on it. Any guesses to what is behind the door? 

P.s: Mad music!